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** All PICTURES UNDER A CUT (duno how ? find out)
** wehn applying the subject/lj cut should read 'xScarred?' (So we know you read our rules)
** No nudes
** dont be cheeky to members/mods|maintainers or someone who comments. remember you joined and their are going to be people who didnt like your post.
** dont be bitchy, if your rejected thats it just leave.
** Remember theirs a line that separates honesty from blatant bitchyness
** remember to keep comming back, comment, rate &stay active &look out for themes and such.
** Under NO circumstances will ANYONE advertise other rating communities.
** If You havea problem with another member, contact a co-mod/maintainer &it'll be sorted asap.

THIS is the application, Copy &Paste. Dont Fuck The Html.



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