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Name:: Danielle
Age:: 14
Location:: Huntley Illinois
Sexuality:: I like boys
Marital Status:: Single

__A Little more about yourself__

Your favourite bands?:: The clash, The vibrators, Tiger army, STiff little fingers, 999, cockney rejects, and Blondie
5 more bands you like:: Dead kennedys, Crass, Devotchkas, Oi Polloi, Social Distortion
Favorite Movie?:: A Clockwork Orange
Name three items you couldnt live without:: A radio/stereo/a music playing device, my camera and my computer
What is your dream job?:: To play bass in a band
What do you fear most?:: Getting burried in the sand with a bucket over my head and people kick the bucket and I cant move and die....
Do you have any fetishes or obsessions?:: I always look at guys hands...They have to have nice hands...hah
favourite animal and why?:: CATS! because I have 3 cats and I just love how they are
whats your room like?:: Very boring, I'm not allowed to hang stuff on my walls...but its small and my bed takes up most of the room....also very messy
Pick a random object from your room. Tell us about it:: umm..my bass guitar becuase it is my prized posession...Ibanex gsr200
Thoughts on the following:: Straight edge,Premarital Sex, Abortion & "Emo"

Straight edge is an annoying label that people use....

Premarital sex I think as long as those 2 people love each other than who cares, All marriage is, is a document.

Abortion I think that people should take responsibilty for their actions(unless rape situation) but It's their body so im pro-choice

Emo...oh man...I like some emo...but "emo kids" need to get over there HARD LIVES, Maybe if they didn't sit there and listen to music of people complaining and they went out and stopped feeling sorry for themselves they wouldn't be so damned "emo" but I'm an emo kid minus the fact I don't listen to alot of it and I don't dress "emo"

__Word Association now people__

Cheese // STring!
Triangle // pyramid
Milk // cerial
Toilet // bowl
Comedy // central
Lion // king
Midnight // run
Emo // emotional
Window //glass
Light // house

__Aleast one picture of yourself//
1 of something that amuses and shows ur personality::
That's my favorite band and pic so yeah I didn't know anything else to put
__Post A Picture of which you would like to be your stamp if accepted:: I don't care
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