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__Some Basics__

Name:: Cairo
Age:: old
Location:: 949 (south orange county, CA)
Sexuality:: comfortable with. Perhaps what you meant was either gender(female) or sexual orientation(almost completely straight)?
Marital Status:: single

__A Little more about yourself__

Your favourite bands?:: International Noise Conspiracy, Postal Service, Dead Kennedys, Boysetsfire, Refused, The Ramones, The Clash, Anti-Flag, Tribe Called Quest
5 more bands you like:: Thunderbirds Are Now!, The Pixies, Dandy Warhols, Blanks 77, Bright Eyes
Favorite Movie?:: The Boondock Saints
Name three items you couldn’t live without:: keys, camera, my dog
What is your dream job?:: I already have it.
What do you fear most?:: spiders
Do you have any fetishes or obsessions?:: yes. Oh. Did you want to know what they were? Mohawks and sweaters.
favourite animal and why?:: my dog. He’s completely psychotic
whats your room like?:: kinda boring, actually. I just moved back home so it’s still tres high school.
Pick a random object from your room. Tell us about it:: I have 4 floor-to-ceiling bookshelves completely packed with excellent reading material.
Thoughts on the following:: Straight edge: I was straight edge when I was younger. I liked most of the kids I hung out with, but there were a lot of hypocrites in the scene. Mainly the boys.
Premarital Sex: I have no right to judge someone on something like that.
Abortion: As a woman, I feel that I ought to at least be able to have the choice to either have or not have a child. There are definite circumstances in which the only ethical thing to do would be to have an abortion. I suppose you could put it up for adoption, but there are already so many orphaned children in the world, it seems unnecessary to add to that. Basically, what it comes down to, is the government shouldn’t have a say in the matter, and it’s really up to the individual. I won’t say I’m for or against abortion, because each individual’s circumstance is different, and, really, who am I to tell someone what to do with their body?
"Emo": as in the music, or the people who listen to the music? Either way, so what?

__Word Association now people__

Cheese // dog
Triangle // square
Milk // bloated
Toilet // CLEAN!!
Comedy // dry
Lion // bear
Midnight // awake
Emo //I got nothin’.
Window //closed
Light //dark
__Aleast one picture of yourself//

1 of something that amuses and shows ur personality::

__Post A Picture of which you would like to be your stamp if accepted::

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