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__Some Basics__

Name:: kathleen
Age:: 16
Location:: long island, ny
Sexuality:: straight
Marital Status:: just waiting..

__A Little more about yourself__

Your favourite bands?:: cursive, modest mouse, waking ashland, bright eyes, death cab, hanson
5 more bands you like:: the postal service, count the stars, the early november, as tall as lions, (old) taking back sunday
Favorite Movie?:: i have a few.. girl interrupted, donnie darko, the wizard of oz, fight club
Favourite Book?:: catcher in the rye
Favourite Author?:: either j.k. rowling, or mary higgins clark
Name three items you couldnt live without:: music (my cd's), my journal, my denim jacket
What is your dream job?:: "i have a flair for the dramatics", my friends say. i've always wanted to be an actress, buuuuut, it's not gunna happen, so i'll settle with being a therapist.
What do you fear most?:: spiders, being alone, ketchup, dolphins
Do you have any fetishes or obsessions?:: piercings, pink, bright lights
favourite animal and why?:: hm.. cats. i used to be scared of them, but i really like them now, maybe because i grew up with dogs.. my friends cat just had kittens, it's the cutest thing everrrr.
whats your room like?:: it has hot pink walls, and black rug and black furniture. i just put up christmas lights, and their is usually a candle lit, and it's usually messy.
Pick a random object from your room. Tell us about it:: in my room, i have a stuffed animal my nanny gave me when i was little, and i used to carry it around with me where ever i went. it's really old now, and all patched up and old, but everytime i see it i just think of my nanny o_o
Thoughts on the following:: Straight edge,Premarital Sex, Abortion & "Emo"
straight edge- i'm not straight edge, but i give people a lot of credit who are. it takes a lot to be straight edge. they must have some will power.. i just don't like when they preach about it.
premarital sex- if you're ready for it, then it's up to you. if you really love the person you're having sex with, i think that's fine.
abortion- i'm pro-choice. women should be able to make their own decision, unless theyre using abortion as a means of birth control.
emo- for me, emo is about the music. music is the only thing that can mke me feel better, and something i can relate with. if i didn't have music, or "emo" in my life, i don't know where i'd be.

__Word Association now people__

Cheese // mouse
Triangle // circle
Milk // orange juice
Toilet // bathroom
Comedy // central
Lion // king!!
Midnight // coffee
Emo // depression
Window // trees
Light // dark

__Aleast one picture of yourself// 1 of something that amuses and shows ur personality::

that shows my personality.. i was lit outta my mind.
__Post A Picture of which you would like to be your stamp if accepted::
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