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Marital Status::In Relationship

__A Little more about yourself__

Your favourite bands?:: Alkaline Trio, The Misfits, Avenged Sevenfold, Dexter, Le Tigre, Coheed and Cambria, Dashboard Confessional, Atreyu, Further Seems Forever, Count The Stars, Alexisonfire, AFI, Blink 182, Story Of The Year, Hopesfall, Blondie ooft loads of bands!
5 more bands you like:: Tsunami Bomb, Thursday, Brand New, Hondo Maclean and TPP
Favorite Movie?:: i love Amelie at the moment
Name three items you couldnt live without:: my photographs, my letters and my phone
What is your dream job?:: I'd love to be an artist in the South of France
What do you fear most?:: Losing the people i love
Do you have any fetishes or obsessions?::I have a thing about boys with nice hair raawrr
favourite animal and why?:: Cats because they are just so beautiful and cute:)!
whats your room like?::

Pick a random object from your room. Tell us about it:: My notice board:It has lots of photos,gig tickets etc on it and i just love it so much because it has loads of memories onit:)<3
Thoughts on the following:: Straight edge,Premarital Sex, Abortion & "Emo"
Straight Edge I really respect anyone who's straight edge. I personally just don't have the will power to be able to be part of something like that but i have no problem with it at all.
Premarital Sex I have no problem with it. I don't agree with going around having sex with everyone because i think that you should only have sex with someone if you totally love and trust the person.
Abortion It really depends on the circumstances. If a girl has no way of supporting the child or if she has been raped then i think that she has every right to have an abortion but if not then i think she should live up to what she done.
"Emo I don't really have an opinion on it because i hate labels. Sorry...

__Word Association now people__

Cheese // the moon:)
Triangle // Square
Milk // Tea
Toilet // Brush haha
Comedy // Peter Kay
Lion // King
Midnight // Fairies
Emo // Tears
Window // Johnny Depp
Light // Bulb

One picture of myself

One picture of something that amuses me//shows my personality

Picture i would like to be my stamp IF accepted

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