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__Some Basics__

Name:: Clare
Age:: 14
Location:: Glasgow
Sexuality:: Not really sure...shit answer I know
Marital Status:: Single

__A Little more about yourself__

Your favourite bands?:: Nirvana, Muse, Tempercalm, The Killers, Biffy Clyro, Halo Friendlies, My Ruin, Evanescence, Jet, Morrissey, The Smiths.
5 more bands you like:: Bowie, RHCP, New Found Glory, All American Rejects, Franz Ferdinand
Favorite Movie?:: Either 10 things I hate about you or Pirates of the Caribbean
Name three items you couldnt live without:: Computer, Cd Player, Pictures
What is your dream job?:: Guitarist - but that's not gonna happen
What do you fear most?:: Being alone
Do you have any fetishes or obsessions?:: Welll...I have a thing about tall, blonde, scandinavians
favourite animal and why?:: Dog, 'cause I have one and I *heart* her
whats your room like?:: Blue and Silver. But covered with posters.
Pick a random object from your room. Tell us about it:: A mug. 'Tis green, and has 3 (not so flattering) pictures of Henrik Larsson on it. Is about half full of Irn Bru.
Thoughts on the following:: Straight edge - Each to their own I suppose. I don't really agree with it. I mean, I'm against most drugs and stuff but not that drastically. Premarital Sex - I'm fine with it, I mean, being 14 I've never done it but I don't see why not as long as you take precautions.
Abortion - Against it in most cases. I mean, if you're really young and/or have been raped or something then well, there's an excuse for it. It makes sence but If you're old enough, and you were too lazy/stupid enough not to use protection then I think you should face the concequences.
"Emo" - I don't really have an opinion on it, I do think it's a bit weird though.

__Word Association now people__

Cheese // Strings
Triangle // Music
Milk // Bottle
Toilet // Paper
Comedy // Channel
Lion // Tigers and Bears
Midnight // Show
Emo // Kid
Window // Pane
Light // Shade

__Aleast one picture of yourself//

1 of something that amuses and shows ur personality::

__Post A Picture of which you would like to be your stamp if accepted::

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