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__Some Basics__

Name::Nikki Francis
Location:: Manitoba Canada
Sexuality:: Straight, I like boys
Marital Status::Taken

__A Little more about yourself__

Your favourite bands?::the blood brothers, death cab for cutie, sigur ros, deer hoof
5 more bands you like::the mars volta, metric, hot hot heat, boysnightout, alexisonfire, mewithoutyou.
Favorite Movie?:: ummm just one? uuhh disco pigs
Name three items you couldnt live without::computer, boyfriend, make up
What is your dream job?:: message therapist, artist
What do you fear most?:: dying without true happiness
Do you have any fetishes or obsessions?::no not really.
favourite animal and why?::penguine, cuz my boyfriend gave me a stuffed penguine as one of his frist presents to me
whats your room like?::its really crowded becuase i have a big stereo a big bed a couple of dressers, some art instalations and a drum set taking up all the room.
Pick a random object from your room. Tell us about it:: well i have this art peice in my room and its really weird, i bought it off a a local artist and theres glass and rocks on it everywhere and right in the middle theres a plaster hand holding a huge rock with hate words written on it. its kinda strange but i really like it for some reason.
Thoughts on the following::
Straight edge:: i have respect for poeple who choose that way of lifestyle. my boyfriend follows it and i think that its really good that he can keep his head on straight and knows whats best for us. i follow it as well becuase i feel that it is important for us to beleive in a lot of the same things.
Premarital Sex:: i dont see what the big deal is with it. i think that if you follow a religion its ok and everything but if you arnt and your not doing it on your own then awsome for you! but if you are and having fun while doing it then keep it up! haha why not?
Abortion:: i think that if someone felt that there was no way out for then and they knew that they were ready to have a child its ok. im pro choice.
"Emo":: i dont really care. its just another classification.

__Word Association now people__

Cheese //mouse
Triangle //mucis
Milk //cow
Toilet //poop
Comedy //laughs
Lion //raawwrr!!
Midnight //love
Emo //music
Window //light
Light //bugs

__Aleast one picture of yourself// 1 of something that amuses and shows ur personality::
amuse you hey?? well i thought that this was freaking amusing

pictures of me?
at least 1? how about 8?!?

__Post A Picture of which you would like to be your stamp if accepted::

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